Jean's Reflections

Some of the things I think about ...

... while we are backpacking and especially when John is involved taking photographs.  Once we get back home I try to write something about it while John is busy editing and post processing photographs, or shopping online for more camera gear, or selling camera gear on eBay, etc, etc, etc.  The subjects usually fall somewhere within these broad topics:
Jean patiently waiting (again) for John to finish taking photos before continuing on the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail in Glacier National Park, Montana
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Spruce trees killed by Spruce Bark Beetles in the Weminuche Wilderness, Colorado

Interpersonal Relationships

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John and Jean on the summit of Redcloud Peak (14,035ft), Colorado

Personal Issues

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Jean on the trail ascending to Forester Pass (13,200 feet) on the John Muir Trail in Kings Canyon National Park, California


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John showing one of the women in the Tharu village the photo he just took of her during our trip to Nepal

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Theo said...

Finally have time to look. Love this photo.